AP Test Registration

Important Dates and Fees

Frank W. Cox High School AP Test Information

STEP 1 – Register and pay here:   www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/472289

STEP 2 – Use resources and order an exam https://myap.collegeboard.org/login




Fall registration

(First-Term, Full-Year, and AP Exam Only Sections)

Exam ordered in myAP by November 13, 2020

(Payments opened 12/1 in Total Registration are not due until March 5, 2021)



Late registration

(First-Term, Full-Year, and AP Exam Only Sections)


Joined AP Classroom late to order an exam

November 14, 2020–March 5, 2021


$95 + $40 fee


Final registration deadline (Second-Term AP Courses)

February 2 - March 5, 2021

Join AP Classroom and begin payment options in Total Registration

(Balance due in Total Registration for ALL AP students))




canceled exam

Exams that are canceled or not taken by the student

All exams joined / ordered on time will receive a full refund. Late fees will not be refunded.



AP Student Check-List

  • Sign in to myap.collegeboard.org using your College Board student account login. If you don’t have a student account, click the Sign up link.
  • Click the Join a Course or Exam button and enter the join code your teacher gave you - this is specific to your teacher and your block.
    • Term 1 students join by November 13, 2020
    • Term 2 students join by March 5, 2021
  • Register and pay for each AP exam by March 5, 2021 at www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/472289 *Registration for AP exams is not complete until you indicate on MY AP that you intend to take the exam AND pay your balance in full through Total Registration. 

Any questions about join codes can be directed to your AP teacher.  If you have payment questions or late registration, you can contact Mrs. Lanz, [email protected] or 757-648-5266.