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It is an honor to be leading the Cox High School community as we soar to new heights in the Hampton Roads area.  We have so many things going on around the school, that at times it is difficult to keep track of all that the students, faculty and staff are doing.  I hope you find this page a useful resource to keep you up to date on events going on around the Nest.  Each month I will be sending out a parent and community newsletter, as well as a brief video blog.  These items will be linked to this page for easy reference.  I am also including several interviews we will be doing of the staff that have regular contact with your children so you can meet these wonderful individuals in a setting outside of the classroom.  We tried to have fun with them; we hope you enjoy these resources.

Thanks for being part of the Falcon Nest!

Michael D. Kelly, Ed.D.
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Fantastic Talks
Interview of Coach Stachelski
District Band with Director Mike Lane
Interview of Coach Allard
Interview of Coach Doan
Interview of Coach Bellissimo