Our Staff

Office Staff

Elizabeth Absher, Office Manager
Paige Whitmore, Discipline Secretary
Theresa Tate, Secretary
Michael Castillo, Attendance
Mary Morgan, Bookkeeper
Tonja Hubbard, Data Ops Clerk


Deborah Longwell, Nurse
Cindy Kilmon, Nurse Assistant

Faculty and Staff - Alphabetical Listing Email Addresses

Click on a faculty or staff member's name to send them an email, if available. For a list of faculty and staff by department, please view our Departments Web page.

For a complete list of our administrators please be referred to our
Administration Web page.


Erin Abbate, Athletic Trainer
Elizabeth Absher, Office Manager
Bailee Adams, Cross Categ - ED/LD
Christine Anderson, Speech
Brian Allard, Science
Lawanda Allen, Cafeteria Assistant


Sid Baumann III, Social Studies
Stacey Bellissimo, Business
Laura Beltz, Science
Courtney Bennis, Social Studies
Eric Blackmore, Physical Education
Eric Bodenstein, Language Arts
Jade Bolling, Marketing
Seth Borga, Custodian
Donald Bouch, Technology Education
Heather Brumley, Teacher Asst.


Ross Cardwell, Sp.Ed.
Lisa Carlson, Security
Joyce Carron, Sp. Ed.
Michael Castillo, Attendance
Courtney Clark, Math
Elizabeth Clark, Language Arts
Melissa Clark, Sp.Ed.
Michele Clark, Science
Bill Conroy, Baseball Coach
Roberto Coronado, Custodian
Thelma Coronado, Custodian


Kristina Dasher, Science
Cerine Davis, Custodian
Mary Elizabeth Delong, Drivers Ed.
Laura Dember, Library Media Specialist
Steven DeShong, Math
Kerstin Devlin, Language Arts
Jimmy DiNardo III, Physical Education
Linda Downey, Distance Learning
Sean Duffy, Math


Dominic Ellis, Guidance Assistant
Deb Erskine, Language Arts


Maria Faircloth, Social Studies
Christopher Faries, Math
Kevin Fields, Orchestra
Corey Francis, ISS Coordinator
Erica Francis, Guidance Counselor
Nicole Fratrik, Math


Michele Gagliardi, Technology Education
Gita Gajera, Cafeteria
Amanda Gillespie, Social Studies
Amy Goodman, Family and Consumer Science
Kyle Goodson, Language Arts
Sarah Grady, English
Trae Graninger III, Language Arts
Kelly Gregory, AVID
John Grimaldi, Custodian
Nancy Gronbach, Cafeteria Asst.
Roman Guimba, Custodian
Yumita Guimba, Custodian


David Hahn, Social Studies
Gabriel Harrington, Special Education Assistant
Carolyn Harris, Head Custodian
Melissa Hartley, Discipline Clerk
Kathryn Hatcher, World Languages
Chenitha Hawkins, Security
Francis Hayes, Sp.Ed. Asst.
Shavonda Hazel-Hicks, Security
Dalton Head, Physical Education
Sherri Hendrix, World Languages
William Herter, Permanent Sub
Aleta Hilliard, Custodian Night
Cynthia Hiltz, Health & PE
William Herter, Permanent Sub
Randy Homesly, Social Studies
Dawn Horan, Special Education
Jessica Horning, SAC
Josh Horwitz, Social Studies
Mirian Howell, Social Studies
Tonja Hubbard, Data Ops Clerk
Michael Hyman, Technology Education


Bart Irwin, Math
Robert Ittner, Special Ed.


Rocket Jackson, Security
Deborah Jacobs-Say, Special Ed.
Darlyn Janson
, Social Studies
Kamisha Jefferson, Teachers Assistant
Ordaz Jeter, Technical Specialist
Kevin Johnson, English
Jacqueline Jones, Custodian
Theresa Jones, Physical Education
Maurice Jordan, Guidance


Meghan Keating, Special Ed.
Michael Kelly, Principal
Cindy Kilmon, Nurse Asst.
Lisa Kopacz, Social Studies Chair
Diana Kuehndel, World Languages
Jeff Kwiatkowski, Special Education


Mike Lane, Band Director
Claire Lant, Science
Jennifer Lanz, Guidance Director
Jesusa Lape, Cafeteria Asst.
Girard Larkin, JV Football Coach
Paul Leon, SIS
Deborah Longwell, Nurse
Jennifer Ludford, Library Media Specialist


Michelle Machay, Drama
David Mackey, Math/Computer Science
Donna Madden, Cafeteria
Kirsten Marcel, World Languages
Paul Marquez, Literacy Teacher
Amanda McConnell, Math
Shaula McGovern, Language Arts
Mylinda McKinney, Art
Valerie Mervine, Social Studies
Ashley Meyer, Language Arts
Laura Moffett, Science Teacher
Lori Molodow, Language Arts, Chair
Laura Moran, Special Education
Lily Moresco, Science
Cynthia Morgan, Certified Tutor
Mary Morgan, Bookkeeper


Sohelia Najand, Teacher Assistant
Jennifer Nardelli, Language Arts
Michael Nelson, Assistant Principal
Angie Noe, Math
Tyler Noe, Special Education


Patrick Ormsby, Foreign Language
Emily Oscar, World Languages
Crystal Osgood, Sp.Ed. Assistant


May Palalay, Math
Carol Paradiso, Special Education
Kim Peterson, Family and Consumer Science, Chair
Mary Phillips, Special Education
Carrie Pierce, Asst. Principal
Sarah Pierce, Science
Elizabeth Pugliese, Math


Jennifer Riga, Cafeteria Manager
Kay Roberson, Gifted Resource
Cynthia Rocamontes, Site Assigned Substitute
Olga Rosario, Foreign Language
Bryce Rountree, Math
Taylor Rountree, Special Education
Maria Roy, Foreign Language
Bruce Ruddock, Business Education
Melissa Rusak, Math


Teesha Sanders, Assistant Principal
Audra Schmidt, Special Ed. Asst.
Thomas Semmel, Business
Jane Sheffield, Guidance Counselor
Naoki Shikimachi, World Languages
Sabrina Shumate, Science
Susan Sigler, Guidance Counselor
Thomas Smith, Instructional Technology Specialist
Amariah, Spellman, Custodian
Bill Stachelski, Social Studies
Caroline Stahl, Chorus
Whitney Szoke, Assistant Principal


Denise Taltoan, Cafeteria Asst.
Theresa Tate, School Office Associate
Harry Tatum III, Security
Lauren Teed, Instructional Technology Specialist
Gretchen Teed, Science
Erin Tonelson, English
Rex Toribio, Custodian
Kellie Torrence, Social Studies
Chip Traub IV, Social Studies
Karen Tyree, Teacher Asst.


Jessica Van Veenhuyzen, Art
Philippa V. Vanier-Kaminski, English
Mike Videll, Science
Wendy Videll, Science


Elizabeth Wainer, Teacher Assistant
Mark Walblay, Resource Officer
Raena Weimer, Family and Consumer Science
Eliot Weinstein, Science
Janett Williams, Custodian
Lisa Williams, Library Media Assistant
Lisa Wilson, Custodian
Wanamaker Wilson, Cafeteria Asst.
Bobby Wolfe, Math


Jason Zuidema, Social Studies